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GPS商业内幕, 在充满挑战的时代茁壮成长:沙漠喷气式飞机的新愿景鲍勃·马拉著

在这个新系列中,在充满挑战的时代中茁壮成长, 全球定位系统(GPS)商业内幕 is highlighting local companies that have effectively managed their way through the past year under the most challenging conditions imaginable. 虽然大棕榈泉的年净失业人数仍估计超过20人,此时为000, 实博体育投注看到几个行业出现了复苏的迹象,其他行业的业务也在蓬勃发展. 实博体育投注也在学习从坚持不懈中诞生的商业成功故事, creativity and core values that have sustained them as they plan for growth in a world that strives for a return to normalcy.

非常清楚地, 上周2月的一天,风平气和,温暖,也许我一整天看到的最好的景色是世界级的32,500-square-foot 实博体育投注 hangar and its tarmac full and bustling with private jets at Jacqueline Cochrane Regional Airport in Thermal. 并不是说它在任何方面都很疯狂, 这与人们在繁忙的商业机场所想象的情景截然不同, 相反,这种感觉是平静和有效的,但非常活跃.

作为一家全方位服务的航空管理公司, 实博体育投注也是一家提供地面服务的固定基地运营商(覆盖全球), 飞机燃料和机库以及当地唯一拥有的 FAA-Certified修理站 that provides a wide range of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance support for a wide range of jet aircraft. 除了典型 全球服务, 实博体育投注为其客户提供收购方面的专业知识, 使用私人飞机运营并产生收入, 并提供 随需应变的宪章 通过自己的喷气式飞机机队.


2018年8月, Jim McCool – who utilized 实博体育投注’s services as an aircraft owner/pilot for the first time in 2017 – joined the company as a minority owner and then bought the entire company in May 2020.

“In 2017, while living in the San Francisco Bay Area I upgraded to a more sophisticated turbo prop plane and used it for my flights to the desert, 所以我想考虑一些其他潜在的服务操作,”迈克尔说. “我对沙漠航空公司做了一些调查,然后我和妻子未经通知就飞了进来. 从飞行员的角度来看, 当我到达沙漠喷气机中心时, 他们让我觉得我是在用空军一号的方式迎接我. My wife and I had flown into many 覆盖全球s around the country and we’ve seen many differences in the services among them, 但没有一个能比得上沙漠喷气机中心的独特性, 比如满足意料之外的需求, 做一些不同寻常的事情,最终创造出一种很棒的体验.”

麦库尔说,他一直有兴趣参与航空商业机会, 所以他问, “谁是这里的主人??不久之后,他接到了当时可敬的店主丹尼斯·威尔逊(Denise Wilson)的电话. “我对丹尼斯印象深刻,实博体育投注进行了一次愉快的谈话. 她当时正致力于建立这个地方的愿景. 她在2018年8月同意接受我为合伙人.”

2019年末, 丹尼斯个人想要去一个不同的方向, 所以McCool在2020年5月获得了该公司的全部所有权.

“我的愿景是汲取我在这里的非凡经历的火花, 再加上我在沙漠中的生活,以及观察山谷这一地区发生的一切, coupled with my aviation interests and matched with my background in financial services and leadership at a senior level at Charles Schwab,”迈克尔说. “我认为这是我写下人生新篇章的大好机会. 正如他们所说,婴儿潮一代永远不会退休,我可能就是一个例子.”


去年3月疫情爆发后,该公司的处境非常艰难. 没有人在旅行,除了那些逃离该地区返回主要住所的人.

“实博体育投注正在为即将到来的一系列重大活动进行最后的计划, 从巴黎网球锦标赛到音乐节,实博体育投注首席执行官说道, 贾里德·福克斯. “一切都快发生了,然后突然急刹车. We had to make some quick decisions and were able to take care of our team and get through the summer okay. 当然, conducting the business and the flights became much more difficult to do because of the safety protocols and concerns but we were able to safely fly and now we’re roughly where we were a year ago from a performance perspective. 我想说,在大流行期间,这算是一种胜利.

类似于当地蓬勃发展的高尔夫和住宅房地产行业, 实博体育投注 is now seeing substantial growth in certain segments of its client base while weathering the challenges of low demand in others. 更具体地说, 实博体育投注的增长主要来自个人和家庭需求的增加, including people who maybe had considered private aviation in the past but never tried it who are seeing it as a much safer and more efficient way to get to the places they still need to go.

Private jets allow consumers to travel with minimal interaction with other people on the flight and at the airport. 最近的一项航空业研究表明,一名乘坐商业航班的乘客, 有登记安检和登机服务, 每架飞机会遇到700个接触点, 而私人飞机上的顾客只需要通过20个接触点. 因此,私人飞机公司看到这转化为需求的强劲增长.

“What has been very interesting is that it has been a significant change in who it is that we’re serving,”小狐狸说. “为了会议出差, 团队进行巡回演出, people flying in for special events; that is not around at all now. 幸运的是, many new people have taken the opportunity during the pandemic to experience private aviation and they fell in love with it or, 至少, 他们已经意识到这是多么的高效和方便. 这是一种粘性很强的产品,需求已经显著增加.”

作为一个例子, 国内领先的私人飞机会员公司, NetJets, 在已发表的新闻报道中说,去年人们对它的兴趣越来越大, 6月是该公司“新老板关系最活跃的一个月”,” and that between January and October 2020 they encountered three times as many new customers as the same period in 2019.

VistaJet, 哪个公司也通过会员计划包租私人飞机, 2020年7月,新会员人数增加了320%, 与2019年7月相比. 他们还说, 截至2020年6月, 71%的请求来自经常使用私人飞机的新乘客.

迈克尔说, “在我的职业生涯中,我曾在各大航空公司做过200万英里的飞行, 我可以说,坐头等舱的体验已经远远不如以前了. There’s a segment of people out there who historically have always flown first class and are asking why they would pay for first class to get so much less than they used to in terms of service and experience. 越来越多的人发现,即使成本可能更高, 他们更看重时间和经验.”

沙漠飞机, “实博体育投注的客户中有很大一部分是季节性居民,”小狐狸说. “Some have offices in their second homes so they can work while here and move back and forth between homes throughout the season. 除了, 实博体育投注看到许多度假者来打高尔夫球, 利用热俱乐部的赛马场,享受沙漠提供的其他户外活动.”

麦库尔指出,该公司还通过其他方式增加了对其服务的需求. “看看实博体育投注行业的一些大型运营商,实博体育投注知道供不应求, and we’ve been a direct beneficiary of that because we’ve built relationships with those kinds of operators. 当他们需要补充支持来照顾他们不断增长的客户群, 他们用的是沙漠喷气机. 因为他们看到实博体育投注建造了这个最先进的设施, 经验丰富的管理团队, 了解实博体育投注建立的声誉, 还有实博体育投注的高收视率, 实博体育投注正在成为他们新的选择. 一年前不是这样,所以这对实博体育投注来说是一个很大的积极因素.”

Yet another growing customer segment for the company is jet owners that typically have a low utilization of their asset and can benefit from having 实博体育投注 sell time on it to others. “对于每年可能驾驶飞机100到200小时的人来说,这是一个非常昂贵的提议,”迈克尔说. “由于对飞行的需求,实博体育投注每年可以再增加400到500个小时. In doing so we cover crewing and maintenance and can help the owner realize a significant expense reduction by utilizing the unused capacity inherent in the ownership of private jets. 实博体育投注花了很多时间来发展这部分业务.”


An important issue now for 实博体育投注 and the entire private aviation sector is whether the new client business can be sustained in the years to come as the vaccines roll out and we return to a more normal lifestyle while the business aviation part of the industry comes back at some level. “The question will be if the total addressable market raises as a whole which we are hopeful for and believe it will,”狐狸说.

“I think about how people have been confined to their homes for so long and unable to socialize and not able to travel much and do the things they want to do,”迈克尔说. “There’s going to be a pronounced change when people are going to be able to re-connect with their friends and family and get out. 实博体育投注已经知道他们想尽快再次旅行.”

尽管私人航空有很多优势,但麦肯锡最近的一份报告显示 & 公司注意到,在大流行之前, 只有10%的人有能力乘坐私人飞机. 很明显, that percentage has been increasing as concerns about COVID-19 and the desire to travel again are leading more people to seek additional options. 沙漠喷气机和该领域的其他公司, 基于未开发的潜力,麦肯锡的研究应该是乐观的理由.

“是的, it is expensive but there are people who realize that they’re getting such a wonderful and safer experience,”迈克尔说. “这就是实博体育投注要卖的东西.”

狐狸说, “当你从时间的角度看效率, 节省的时间是非常可观的. 这是实博体育投注提供的最大好处之一. 实博体育投注真的卖时间机器.”

McCool actually is concerned that future demand for private aviation might outstrip 实博体育投注’s capacity. “这是实博体育投注必须解决的一个有趣的挑战,”他说.


麦库尔说:“对实博体育投注来说,这整个过程不是短跑,而是一段旅程。. “The bigger picture for me is based on what my parents taught me which is to leave the room better than it was when you came into it. 当我想到硅谷发生的一切, 我想到了农业工人的家庭, 人口结构的变化, 上大学的费用太高,很多人甚至根本上不了大学. There are numerous stories of employees building well-paying careers at our company that just light me up in a positive way.”

这只是沙漠航空公司47名员工中的众多例子之一, the son of an agriculture worker that started off at the entry level has worked extremely hard for many years and now is in a high-level management job with a six-figure salary. 麦库尔说:“所以,当我想到实博体育投注可以产生的影响时,它比沙漠喷气机要大得多。.

麦库尔补充说:“实博体育投注周围的这个地区就是这样一个机会. “随着这个机场的发展,实博体育投注得到了美国.S. 海关办公室,也许还有一个更大的码头设施,也许还有一个控制塔. 这是整个山谷的附加条件. 当我想到很多其他的事情会随着时间的推移而涌现, 这不会在一夜之间发生, 那些东西让我兴奋. 它实际上是把红利延伸到更大的社区作为一个整体.”